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Who misses this community? I sure do.

xstrangeuphoriax: ok the whole thing about it is, we think it's grand when our cats touch things
xstrangeuphoriax: like meat.
xstrangeuphoriax: or random people's shins
LuxAdams: I think it's the most adorable thing
xstrangeuphoriax: and we also have fake fixations on stars like danny devito and jeff bridges
xstrangeuphoriax: yes good!
LuxAdams: ack!!
xstrangeuphoriax: hahaha
LuxAdams: when cats gently reach out their paw
xstrangeuphoriax: yes!!!
LuxAdams: it's soooo adorable
LuxAdams: I was talking to danny about my cat this afternoon, now you just make me want to hug him
xstrangeuphoriax: devito?
LuxAdams: er
LuxAdams: no cats
xstrangeuphoriax: oh
LuxAdams: oh
xstrangeuphoriax: ..
LuxAdams: haha
LuxAdams: danny my friend
LuxAdams: haha
xstrangeuphoriax: oh haha how ironic!
xstrangeuphoriax: danny is my friend too!@#!!
xstrangeuphoriax: but not that one
LuxAdams: oh
LuxAdams: poo
LuxAdams: he's on your friends list htough
xstrangeuphoriax: but anyway, yes. cats
xstrangeuphoriax: devito?
xstrangeuphoriax: nevermind.
LuxAdams: ha
LuxAdams: oh my boy, once I was lying on the bed and had some chocolate that was sort of melting
LuxAdams: he was standing on the bed being all affectionate 'cause I had just had my teeth out and looked in pain'
LuxAdams: and he was standing around....he just knew something was up, you can tell
LuxAdams: and he stood in the cholate
LuxAdams: and had a spastic attack
xstrangeuphoriax: your cat?!!
LuxAdams: you know how they try to fling stuff off their paws?
xstrangeuphoriax: stood in chocolate?!
LuxAdams: yeah
xstrangeuphoriax: you should take pictures of him doing this!
LuxAdams: it was lying on the bed with me
LuxAdams: and he was standing near me on the bed
LuxAdams: you know how if they stand in an ant or something, they quickly flick their paw?
LuxAdams: he stood in it and starting flinging his paw in hte air and of course the chocolate was sticking so he kept flicking and eventually had to stand on it and walked away in shock continually flicking as he went
LuxAdams: my sweet boy
xstrangeuphoriax: that is such a beautiful story, thank you everso much for sharing it!!
xstrangeuphoriax: i'm sure the people at cattouchthis will love it
LuxAdams: haha
LuxAdams: oh no!
LuxAdams: egads
xstrangeuphoriax: no, we must share this, it's beautiful
LuxAdams: ok well let me check my spelling
xstrangeuphoriax: you are truly a cattouching lover
xstrangeuphoriax: no
xstrangeuphoriax: you neednt worry about spelling
xstrangeuphoriax: cats don't touch letters, normally
xstrangeuphoriax: so no one will care
xstrangeuphoriax: you know what would have made the story even better?
LuxAdams: if he touched something?
xstrangeuphoriax: if your cat was standing in chocolate covering danny devito's belly.
LuxAdams: haha
xstrangeuphoriax: that way he'd be touching food and a hawt man at the same time
LuxAdams: ewwwwww no my sweetness
LuxAdams: my sweet boy
LuxAdams: can you change "hte" to the, atleast
xstrangeuphoriax: maybe.
xstrangeuphoriax: no, i think it's better that way.
LuxAdams: aw
xstrangeuphoriax: i wonder if you could edit a picture of lindsey buckingham to show a cat sitting on his shoulder or something
LuxAdams: awww

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